Full Name
Erica Nason-Stuart
Job Title
President and Co-Owner
C&O Services Inc.
Speaker Bio
C&O Services Inc. provides renovations and property management for investor and loan-backed homeowner’s residential properties. Nason-Stuart joined C & O Services in 2010 as Director of Operations and Marketing and has led it to 10x growth since she started. She identified REO asset renovations as a new market to pursue and has grown an established base of customers in that market. She has also expanded operations geographically, now covering multiple markets on the East Coast. She is passionate about rejuvenating properties and communities and maximizing her clients’ ROI. C&O Services helps to maintain, manage, and renovate between 80 to 120 properties every month. Nason-Stuart has successfully navigated this ever-changing market adapting to changes in customer demands and market priorities.
Erica Nason-Stuart